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MAKING Bellas beautiful SINCE 2009 (THE DAY MY MOM came home and told me she enrolled me in beauty school)

I believe in beauty, and I believe in the power it holds. Helping you see that beauty you have is my why. As your morning with me unfolds, I hope to provide you with a feeling of peace that you carry in your heart as a reminder of the beauty that not only lies in your appearance but in the love that surrounds you and your fiance. In the space of tranquility I create for you, the morning of your wedding becomes more than a series of hair & makeup preparations.  It becomes a space with room for cherished memories, like your mom tearing up when she sees your bridal makeup or listening to your friends laughter as I put the finishing touches on your hair during the bustling excitement of the day. 

Allow yourself to luxuriate in the meticulous touch of trusted hands and feel the transformative power of beauty rituals. My hope as the final touches are delicately placed, that you catch a small glimpse of yourself in the mirror, and a smile blooms across your face. A smile that reflects that in this moment you not only see yourself as a vision of true bridal beauty but as a reflection of the love and peace that surrounds you on your wedding day. 

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My story starts when I was young – really young. I would studiously watch my grandmother perform her beauty rituals. She would carefully draw her brows, match her lipstick to her sweater, and in the evenings meticulously wash her face and apply her skincare. One day she asked me to join her and the rest is history, I fell in love with the beauty world. 

I spent my formative years doing all my friends hair and makeup for proms, dance recitals, dates etc. One evening during my junior year of high school my mom came home and announced that she enrolled me in beauty school! I was able to graduate in 2011 and worked in salons all through college, still doing hair and makeup for friends. 

In 2018 after I got married I decided to hone my talents and skill set and opened my own bridal beauty business Carly Marie Artistry. Carly Marie Artistry is founded on principles of letting your natural beauty shine, feeling your most comfortable and looking effortlessly bridal. I’ve had the honor of providing a relaxing and intimate wedding morning for over 300 brides. The joy from being able to bring your dream bridal beauty vision to life is second to none. I am so excited to be with you on this journey and I can’t wait to see the magic we create!

Through the years

1995 / 

I TURN Four AND MY grandmother invites me to join in on her beauty rituals. 

2011 / 

Graduate beauty school and head off to nc state. 

2014 / 

I graduate college and continue to do hair & makeup for fun. 

2018 / 

I get married and decide to open Carly marie artistry. 

2023 / 

300 brides later it has grown into the bridal beauty Experience that i am so proud of. offering hair & makeup along with a relaxing experience to my bella brides 



Your wedding day is one of the most special moments of your life, a day you have dreamt of your entire life. You grow up wondering who you will marry, where you will live and the kind of life you will build together. Within that dream lives the idea of how you envision yourself as a bride; what your dress will look like, how you will wear your hair and what your bridal makeup will look like. It is my greatest honor that you want to choose me to help bring the vision you have been dreaming of to life. 

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If you’re ready to take the stress out of your wedding morning & bring your bridal beauty dreams to life inquire now about next steps to secure your wedding date. Let the pampering begin!

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My entire goal for you on your wedding day is to feel relaxed and excited for the day ahead. To ensure this I confirm all final details a month before your wedding day. I show up on time, remain on schedule, and pamper you all day until it is time to send you off to GET MARRIED!


that we are in love with

I am passionate about timeless modern bridal hair. Modern bridal hair is a style that in 10 years when you’re looking back at photos you will still love it. If beautiful full curls, sleek buns, romantic half ups are you vibe, we are a perfect fit!

Elevated beauty

that feels like you

Elevated natural beauty makes my heart sing. You’re getting married and want to feel beautiful, bridal and most of all look like yourself. Helping you feel bridal but still like yourself is my specialty!


every step of the way

From the moment you inquire to your wedding day, you are well taken care of by me. We spend the better part of a year together and I take that time seriously. We get to know each other, I help you prepare by sending you hair & makeup preparation guides, help you pick out your bridal accessories and so much more! Rest easy knowing I have you taken care of throughout this journey all the way to wedding day and the morning after!