May 27, 2020

Lincoln County Court House

On a Wednesday afternoon despite a global pandemic and a tropical depression Katlin and Jason chose to declare their love for each other and were married with their parents by their sides. I arrived Wednesday morning to get Katlin ready for her wedding day and was greeted by her, Jason and their pup Murphy (a Bernese Mountain dog).  It wasn’t my typical hustle and bustle for wedding day prep but a nice change of pace of a calm morning talking with Katlin and sharing in her excitement for the day.  Jason joined us later and brought Katlin coffee, and sat and talked with us as I did her hair and makeup.  Their pup Murphy (who is my dream dog) even came to sit too, right at Katlin’s feet tail wagging the entire time!  I think he knew it was a big day for his parents.  Jason is also an aspiring photographer and took all of the getting ready photos, detail shots and of her putting on her wedding dress which I thought was wonderful and such a great memory to have when they look back on those pictures.  When we were almost done Jason’s mom showed up with beautiful flowers from Trader Joe’s to make Katlin’s bouquet, which came out perfect!  Katlin and Jason’s wedding day was perfect in every way.  Their photographer really captured the love and joy they have for each other in their photos and they are beautiful. Scroll down for all the vendor information and the photos! I can’t wait to see what you think!

Ceremony Venue – Lincoln Country Court House

Flowers – Trader Joe’s

Photographer – Olivia Taylor Photography / www.oliviataylorphotography.com / @photographybyoliviataylor

Hair & Makeup – by me Bel Fiore Beauty

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