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Below I have created a picture How-to for this double braided headband. This style is really versatile for any occasion from dinner with friends or if you have an event to attend. It’s extremely easy and requires a minimal amount of tools and products. You will need a curling iron (any size you prefer, I used a 1″), 2 elastic hair ties, 2 bobbi pins and hairspray. I hope you enjoy trying this for yourself, if you tried it and loved it I would love to see!

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Step 1:

Curl your hair any way you desire. Wait to brush your curls out until after your are done making your braids. This allows them to cool so they will stay longer. I used my clamp T3 1″ barrel as a wand. I will use this iron as either a wand or use it with the clamp depending on the type of curl I want or how much time I have. It is quicker for me to use it as a wand if I am in a time crunch.


Step 2:

Take a section of your hair behind your lower ear and braid. After you braid is finished tie with an elastic and start to pull it out to make it looser and to add a bit of texture. Repeat this step on the opposite side of your head.


Step 3:

Take one braid and cross it over the top of your head and pin it to the other side. Repeat this with the remaining braid. Make sure to try and tuck your braid ends and to cover your elastic under the other braid.


Step 4:

Fluff out your curls and finish it off with some hairspray!

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Now you have a super cute and best of all easy hairstyle to wear anywhere! I hope you enjoyed trying this out. If there is anything you would like to see let me know in the comments below or shoot me an email!


Stay Beautiful!

Carly Amico

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