June 10, 2020

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Things I Tell My Friends

Today’s blog post is inspired by questions I constantly get from my friends. They ask questions regarding skin and hair care and I figured if they are asking maybe you are wondering the same thing! So I thought I would compile a list of the top 10 things I am always telling them. Read them below and let me know if there are any other concerns you have, I’d be happy to help.

1. Drink your Water

Everyone says this and so it is nothing new. But there is a reason why it is usually ranked as TOP ADVICE. Drinking water is great for you period. Among the many benefits like better joint health, fewer headaches, and better brain function; It also helps to keep your skin and hair hydrated and looking radiant.

2. Eat Good Food

What goes in comes out, literally and figuratively. Eating good whole foods like vegetables, fruit and proteins will help you see a dramatic difference in your skin and hair. I know when I am focused on a more balanced diet it shows in my skin and hair. My skin looks clearer and more vibrant and my hair looks shinier and less oily. When I am less focused I tend to see more breakouts, along with duller skin and hair. Now I am by no means saying that you should never treat yourself. I am the queen of celebratory ice cream dates and a juicy burger because that is what my body wants that day. But I do believe in the great 80/20 balance. 80% of your food and liquid intake should be good for your body and the other 20% allows you to treat yourself.

3. Your age isn’t only your face, it is also your neck and hands

My grandmother pretty much beat this piece of advice into my brain ever since I was little. “Everyone gets older and everyone ages. While this process cannot be stopped, it can be done gracefully and consistently.” ANYTHING you put on your face should also be put on your neck/chest and your hands. You can either add a bit more to what you already put on to account for your neck and hands or you can just take what is left over and spread it out.

4. Keep the heat off your hair when you can

Aside from bleaching, heat is one of the most damaging things we can do to our hair. If you have a day where you aren’t doing anything don’t style your hair. Let it air dry, don’t straighten or curl and let it have a rest day. If you can’t avoid putting heat on it at least invest in a good heat protectant and turn your temperature setting down on your iron. IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE 400 DEGREES! Somewhere around 280-300 is fine. Your hair will thank you in the long run.

5. Cut your Hair!

I know this seems counter intuitive but keeping a routine of trims will help your hair grow healthy. Leaving your dead ends to long is like letting weeds take over your garden. One month you only have an inch of dead ends so you decide to wait and the next time it’s grown to 3 inches. Keeping your ends trimmed allows them to stay healthier longer and your hair will grow out over time.

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6. You don’t need to have 100 products to have a good skincare routine

Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated it can be actually very simple. If you are just getting into skincare write down 3-4 major concerns you have and either talk to a professional like a facialist or do some heavy research of your own. A lot of top skincare ingredients like Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid comes separately as individual serums or combined in a lotion. You just have to be willing to do a little research. Most importantly skincare is A LOT of trial and error, what works wonders for one person may not work for another. Another big tip is to stay away from fragranced skin care, fragrance infused skincare can cause buildup and be counterproductive.

7. Wear your sunscreen!

This is probably the most important thing I tell my friends. While the sun is a great benefit to the human body by providing us some natural vitamin C and helps to boost endorphins, it also ages us from the UV rays. Do your skin a favor and get a day lotion with SPF in it to wear daily. Yes, you read that right…wear it daily. The sun is everywhere even when you’re not directly outside.

8. If you just really aren’t that interested in skincare, at least get an eye cream

Your eyelids and the skin directly around your eyes contain the thinnest skin on your face. It is the most susceptible to signs of aging because of its thinness. Getting a good eye cream can keep this skin hydrated and plump keeping wrinkles at bay for longer than someone that goes without. When applying your eye cream tap it onto the skin ever so softly with your ring finger in an upward motion. Avoid rubbing and pulling whenever possible.

9. Mask it up

Skin and hair care don’t have to be a chore. It can be a great way to relax once or twice a week. That is why I love masks. Once or twice a week I will apply a face and hair mask and go sit in a corner and read for 20 minutes to unwind before I shower. This allows the masks to settle in and take effect, while I do something that helps my brain relax from a busy day. If you find that reading or doing something quiet for 20 minutes isn’t for you. Pick two household chores that need to be done in the morning or at night, hop in the shower after and well-ah mask routine done.

10. Self-care is FUN!

Self-care is amazing. Skin and hair care is primarily how I show myself some major love. I also know that future me will greatly appreciate the efforts of present me. As I always tell my friends “Yes, self-care is buying a new dress or shoes when you want to appreciate yourself but so is drinking your water, eating a turkey sandwich and putting on sunscreen”.

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There you have it! My top 10 pieces of advice that I say the most often. Whether it’s to my mom, my sister or my best friends you will always hear one of these sentences exiting my mouth. While I do believe taking care of yourself is important, I also believe that it doesn’t have to be complicated or a form of punishment. In terms of self-care I really think you can have your cake and eat it too. Just remember to have a glass of water with it!

Stay Beautiful


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